A well-established maintenance routine ensures your machinery to run smoothly and keep its production capacity to meet your client’s requests. A maintenance procedure accompanies every machine distributed by JRC. These procedure steps are essential to keep your machine in good condition.

Whether it’s every three days, weekly or a year apart, scheduled maintenance is the solution to avoid production downtime which directly translates in money saving.

Follow our 3 easy steps for a successful maintenance!

1. Establish your needs 
Evaluate the production cycles of your machine and your annual yields. It will help plan the schedule to which the maintenance procedures have to be done.

2. Think ahead
Plan your spare parts needs to avoid delays. Integrate maintenance tasks into the schedule of the operators, ensuring the work is done when needed.

3. Be assiduous
The efficiency of your plant relies on the productivity of your equipment. Being diligent and raising awareness among your employees will make these essential maintenance procedures a top priority.

Got question about preventive maintenance?
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