JRC Machinery set up shop in Canada in 2010 and has been a trusted partner ever since, helping over 350 clients in the door and window industry and industrial sector to improve their company’s performance through CNC machinery. Over the years, we have formed solid alliances with renowned manufacturers known for the quality and precision of their machines. Our service reflects their reputation: WE’RE RELIABLE AND EFFECTIVE.

Sound advice to help you make smart choices

We have visited factories of all sizes and met with hundreds of production directors—people whose work resembles yours in many ways. Yet we know every factory is different, which is why our consultants always take the time to carefully analyse your individual production requirements. They will help you select from a wide range of choices and options to find the automated solution that best meets your company’s needs.

Our manufacturers are on display in our showroom

Proudly supported by the Chauvette family

JRC Machinery belongs to Richard and Jonathan Chauvette. They also own EuGénie which is an industrial machinery manufacturing company. We are proud to be the exclusive distributor of EuGénie’s door and jamb machines in Canada.

Our leaders are passionate about CNC machinery, and their extensive expertise and interest in automated solutions go back many years. In fact, Richard Chauvette cut his teeth in automation long before it was the norm in the industry.

Our clients agree

« As the Québec leader in the manufacturing of doors and windows, Fenplast needs quality equipment to meet our production demand. JRC Machinery helped us improve our performance. »
Charles-André Bannon, Fenplast

« We looked at other companies prior to our purchase of the JRC Machinery and still feel this was the right decision for us. The very competent, fast service over the phone or intranet between Montreal and Edmonton has proven to be very successful and helpful. Also, the speed at which technicians have been sent to assist us in person has been first class. »
Scott Walker, All Weather Windows

Ready to shift your business into high gear?

Our team looks forward to helping you select the right machinery—so you can continue to stay ahead of the competition.

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