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What happens after I approve my new project?

Your project manager will get in touch to present you with various resource persons related to your machinery. This person will guide you through the production process of your machine, approval visit, delivery and installation—always ensuring your project is being taken care of to your complete satisfaction.

Who should I speak to about any questions I have concerning an ongoing project?

You can get in touch with your project manager at any time. He will be happy to find the answers you need!

Why do you require drawings and why do you need these in DWG or DXF ?

These drawings are used to determine the dimension of certain tools specific to your machine based on how you will be using it. These formats allow us to have a precise measurement of your profiles.

Why do you need us to send you samples?

The samples you send us are used to test your machine on the specific products you’ll be manufacturing. This ensures you will get optimal results. These samples also allow us to show you the entire machining process when you come in for your approval visit.

Where can I find information on the machine’s electrical and pneumatic consumption?
Unfortunately, our technicians are not authorized to connect machinery to a power supply. This must be done by your electrician. All information on your machine’s electrical needs will be sent to you at the start of your project so you can prepare for the arrival of your machine.
Where can I find information on the machine’s dimensions and weight?
All information on your machine’s dimensions and weight will be sent to you at the start of your project so you can prepare for the arrival of your machine.
Do you have any recommendations to help us expand our plant to fit our new machinery?
JRC Machinery sister company Chanor Constructions knows exactly how the industry works and can help you optimize your plant’s layout—no matter the size of your project. They can also suggest solutions to fit your needs.
How do you demonstrate a machine at your warehouse?
We start by showing you what the machine looks like on the outside, then demonstrate security features, mechanics, the machine’s capacity, various tools and basic programs. We will then show you a demonstration using the samples you sent us.
How will you transport our machine from your warehouse to our plant?
Thanks to one of our suppliers, we are able to offer you a transport solution with all necessary insurance. If you prefer, you also have the option of transporting your machine yourself.
What do I do once the machine arrives?
When you receive your machine, simply unwrap it, remove it from the pallets and have your certified electrician hook it up to a power supply before our technician arrives. Note that only our technician can get your machine up and running during the installation process.
How will the installation and training process go?
Before starting your project, your representative will sit with you to determine the number of installation and training days required. When you come for your approval visit before your machinery is delivered, we will suggest a range of possible dates for us to come install your machinery and train your team.
Can we request additional training from your technicians once installation is complete?
Of course! We can add more training periods to those included in your contract based on the availability of our technicians.
Who should I speak to if I have questions about my machine once it’s been installed?
You can submit a service ticket for any questions you have concerning your machinery. Our technical team is always happy to answer your questions as quickly as possible.
Do your machines come with a warranty?
We offer a 1-year warranty on machines and a 6-month warranty on parts.
Do you offer remote technical assistance?
Yes! JRC Machinery works with a VPN module, which gives us direct access to your CNC machinery so we can provide remote technical assistance. We can also use Secomea to communicate with your EuGénie machinery. Secomea enables us to access your machines without using your network in order to provide you with technical assistance or update your machinery to ensure it continues to work well. The only information required is your Gateway address. Secomea is also the only module that allows us to communicate with different EuGénie machinery at the same time.
Who should I speak to if I need tools, additional parts or consumables after installation?
Be sure to submit a service ticket or contact your account manager to ensure your request is processed quickly.
Who should I speak to if I have billing questions?
You can contact your account manager or write to finances@jrcdistribution.com

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